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How to Avoid Post-Holidays Plumbing Mishaps!


Post-holiday season is the busiest time for plumbers for obvious reasons! With your house packed with guests, overused dishwashers, clogged drains, overloaded garbage disposals and breakdowns of kitchen and bathroom appliance can quickly pull you out of your happy holiday mood!

However, most homeowners are not aware of the potential problems that can be caused until the intense use overwhelms the plumbing system!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mishaps that happen during the holidays and how to avoid them!

Opps… I spilled the dining table leftovers in the garbage disposal!

Holidays is the time for festivities which means lots of cooking and lots of eating! But when it comes to washings, homeowners need to know that some foods should never go down the garbage disposal.

Liquid fat, bones, vegetable peels, egg shells and the like belong to the trash, not the garbage disposal! Foods like rice and pasta swell inside and clog your garbage disposal! This advice can easily slip out of mind during the holidays with the pressure to feed so many guests on time leaving you with clogged garbage disposal!

Tip: Even if you think that your garbage disposal is working fine, it’s a good idea to get it cleared from time to time and your kitchen drain snaked once in a while to avoid clogging!

Damn…my hot water system couldn’t take the holiday pressure!

You don’t realise how much forty gallons of water is except when it starts flooding your home with no drain nearby due to a leaking hot water system!

Sure you and your guests had the luxury of having hot water on demand throughout the holidays, but that happened at the cost of a lot of pressure on your hot water heater! If your hot water heater was already limping through its 10th or so year of life, putting it on an extra work out routine is an invitation for a breakdown waiting to happen!

Tip: Set the thermostat back to normal after the guests leave to avoid further wear and tear. If your hot water system is old and you can’t replace it right away, get it inspected from an emergency plumber before your system stops working entirely or starts to leak.

Argh…Someone flushed the wipes down the toilet

During the holidays the use of toilet paper skyrockets. However, excessive use of toilet paper and flushable wipes can cause your drains to clog. Even if the wipes say they are flushable, they may take a lot of time to dissolve and turn into giant balls leading to blocked drains.

Blocked drains in your toilet can be the worst thing that can happen during or after holidays ruining your fun mood. Paper towels, cat litter, disposable diapers and hair are some of the other things that can cause your toilets to clog during or after the holidays.

Tip: Keep trash bins near the toilet. Also be extra careful as to what goes down the drain. Small clogs can be opened with toilet cleaning liquids. If the problem persists give your nearest emergency plumber a service call!

Get a post-holiday plumbing inspection

After having a great time enjoying the holidays with your guests, it’s time to make sure your plumbing system works flawlessly throughout the year!

Even if you don’t see any problem right away, you still don’t know how fragile your hot water heater has become or what’s already flushed down the drain and might turn into a big repair job sometime later!

If you think that your plumbing system needs to be fixed after the holidays, we are here to help! Being a team of highly skilled and experienced Sydney plumbers, we can provide you 10% off all labour charges on any post-holiday plumbing job.


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