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Electric Water Heaters – Ensuring Optimum Performance 24/7


Electric water heater is a fairly simple device to operate and a must-have in every home! Nonetheless, small problems with your system could soon turn big if you fail to diagnose the issue on time or keep on ignoring the signs.

Have You Checked If The Circuit Breaker Is On?

If you are having no hot water, there is a possibility that your circuit breaker has tripped and you need to reset it.

If the circuit breaker keeps on tripping, it’s usually caused by a short out wire, a bad thermostat or heating element and indicates a sign of a potentially dangerous situation that calls for immediate attention.

Another situation could be a possible leak in your electric water heater that is allowing the water to come in contact with any of the electrical components, causing the circuit breaker to flip. If there is actually a leak you will need to get it repaired. If the circuit breaker is tripping because it has become too old, then it needs to be replaced.

Has The Fuse Blown?

Fuse in your electric water heater can blow out due to lose wiring. Turn the power off, check the wiring and replace it with another fuse of the same rating.

If the fuse keeps on blowing out there could be a problem with the circuit and you need to call for professional help!

Is The Temperature And Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve Dripping?

When the water heats up and expands, it builds up pressure in the tank. Since it is a closed system the only way it can relieve this pressure is by leaking water.

Your electric water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve tends to drip if you haven’t opened it in a long time. However, if you have a big leak or the leaking is not stopping for several days then you might need to get it replaced.

If you are doing it yourself, you need to drain some water out of the heater, take off the discharge tube and replace the value with a new one. However, it’s better to have it checked by a professional.

Can You See Leaks Anywhere On The System?

Small leaks in your electric water heater tend to become a big problem if not taken notice on time. Check for puddles on the base of the heater or a water stream leading from the tank to the drain on the floor.

If the leak is too obvious, turn off the cold water supply leading into the tank and also turn off the energy supply. Call a plumber to repair your electric water heater immediately before any more water is wasted or dampness begins to seep into the walls and floor.

If you are having any of the above problems and you feel that the matter is too big to be resolved on your own or handling it yourself could be potentially dangerous, call your nearest plumber to get it fixed!

Being a team of highly skilled and experienced Sydney plumbers, we are accredited service agents for all well-known electric water heater brands and we can help you with all your hot water plumbing needs!


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