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Hot Water Plumbing

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Check if the fuse is blown or the circuit breaker has tripped. If the fuse is blown you can replace it with a new fuse wire, if the circuit breaker has tripped, you need to reset it.

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Check around the base of your hot water tank for any signs of leakage or water puddles. If no leakage is seen, it’s possible that mineral deposits have been accumulating in your tank reducing its heating efficiency!

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Set the thermostat dial to a lower desired temperature! You can also try checking the temperature pressure relieve valve. Slowly raise and lower the valve and you’ll see hot water gushing out of the drain pipe which will release the excessive pressure from steam buildup and reduce the water temperature.

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Hot water systems can make sounds due to heating up of sediments that keep on exploding inside the tank. Try flushing out the tank so the sediment particles can pass out of the drain valve.


Blocked Drains

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You know that there’s a problem with your drainage system when the waste does not go down even on flushing. Other symptoms include smell around the drain holes and water overflowing near the same area.

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There could be a number of causes for blocked drains including hair and cigarette butts if it’s your bathroom drain and grease or food particles if it’s your kitchen drain. Drains in your backyard can get clogged with dirt, tree leaves and other foreign objects.

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If you have a blocked drain and it won’t open with simple hand pumping, then its best to call the professionals. There could be a problem with the main sewer or your own drainage system.

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If the rest of the neighborhood is not affected by drain blockage, then the problem is probably on your own property and it’s your responsibility to get it fixed. If there is a blockage in the main sewer then you can contact the local authorities.


Emergency Plumbing

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You need to turn off the water supply immediately and also consider turning off the electricity if you suspect that the water might reach switchboards and wiring. Check your property for any possible damage and immediately consult for professional help.

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If the leak is at the base of the toilet then the wax seal connecting the toilet and the floor has become loose and needs to be replaced. If the leak is at the bottom of the cistern then it could be due to corroded gasket.