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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Hot Water Heater


Hot water heater failure can happen any time and without warning! Unless you are a fan of taking cold showers, most of us don’t waste any time calling our nearest hot water heater installation company and getting our systems replaced usually with the same type again.

But have you ever wondered, that while you were busy in the hassle, you actually missed out your opportunity to carefully examine your options on choosing a better product?

Here are four questions to ask before you have your next hot water heater emergency and you consider buying a new water heating unit!

1. Should I buy electric, gas or solar?

While electric water heaters are available throughout Australia and are easier and cheaper to get installed by your Plumbers in Sydney, they have more running costs as compared to other options. Alternatively you can use heat-pump hot water systems, which is a more cost-effective and energy-efficient electric option.

Gas water heater is the best option for continuous flow systems and are generally cheaper than electric or solar systems.

Solar systems on the other hand have become more common place in household seeking to greenify their homes. While these systems have a higher installation cost, eventually the running costs are fairly low and you end up saving money as well as the environment.

2. Which one is better: Storage or continuous flow?

Storage heaters are the most common hot water system choice of households in Australia and are cheaper to install especially if you are replacing the old unit with a similar one. Since they heat the entire tank, they can be costly to operate and can take some time to warm up the water.

On the other hand, most popular brands such as Rinnai, Aqua Max, Rheem and others now offer continuous flow systems that are smaller in size, heat water instantaneously and you can never have hot water shortage!

Once you have decided on the unit that suits your needs you can ask your water heater installation company to get it done.

3. What are my household’s daily hot water requirements?

Can this hot water system fulfil the daily hot water requirements of my family? This is an important question you should be asking your water heater installation company!

While a typical individual uses 50 liters of hot water daily, if you are installing a new unit you can ask your hot water heater installation company to recommend the right size based upon how many family members you have and how frequently do you use hot water in a day.

4. What is the energy star rating?

Most gas hot water systems have energy efficient star rating labels. The more stars a system has the more energy it will save you and the smaller bills you’ll get.

Having spent a significant number of years providing water heater installation as well as water heater repair services to hundreds of households in Sydney, I believe these are the most important things to consider when planning to buy a new hot water system for your household.

If you are not sure about the best hot water heater for your needs or you are looking for an expert to repair or replace your hot water system, we can help you! We are licensed plumbers and accredited hot water system installers for most of the popular brands in Sydney.


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